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Pillar Point/Half Moon Bay Harbor – a SEAdventure Print Email
Written by John Paul Watts

Summer solsticeKenichi Uyeda, Skipper John Paul Watts & Christian GundersonWell, well, well – there we were, prepared for the worst (small craft advisory) that the Pacific could throw at us. Yes, after out-the-gate attempted voyages to Stinson Beach and the Farallones (3 failures with one successful boat returning at 0100 the next day), we looked forward to sailing under full canvas south to Half Moon Bay. ‘We’ were Windseeker with Mike Brownell, Bill Crowley, Libby Booth and Dustin Dovala and Summer Solstice with John Paul Watts, Christian Gunderson and Kenichi Uyeda.

Rendezvous-ing under the Golden Gate Bridge at 0900 we motor-sailed with mains up looking for the breeze. A bank of fog in the Gate, visibility to 18 inches! We thought of the fleet lining up to enter the Gate for its procession down Crissy Fields at 1100: would we bump into any of them? What if we stay Baker Beach side of the Gate? What of Lands End and Three Mile Rock? Yikes! ‘Shall we turn back and breakfast at Sam’s?’ was on everyone’s mind. Nooo! Reach for the GPS and the chart and plot a danger bearing for just south of SF shipping channel buoy #8 and the south tower of the GG Bridge. That did it! With Windseeker plotting similar on the north side of the Gate, we motored past Point Bonita and Three Mile, into sunshine. The South Shoal off Ocean Beach was calm: our course now lay south from buoy #8 to Montara lighthouse, still with ne’er a flicker of breeze. The gray fleet was lining up to move slowly down the channel in-bound for SF Bay and the Blue Angels.

A Flare! My Life For a Flare Print Email
Written by Office

MOBPlease check out this story on Yachting World about an unlikely rescue.

"A sharp lookout and quick action by the crew of a British yacht in the Gibraltar Strait saved the life of a motorboater who had leapt off his burning boat..."

What saved his life? He lit a flare, and a watchful crewmember saw the red dot for long enough to check it out.
Keep your head out of the boat - it could save a life.

SEAdventures – What are they? Print Email
Written by John Paul Watts
IMG 3252Lifetime Member JP Watts has inspired many! His vessel Summer Solstice sailing to Half Moon Bay last year with SEA members. SEAdventures are the pinnacle of your sailing experiences with Sailing Education Adventures! Well, some may claim racing is - Twin Islands Race, Farallons Singlehanded, a beercan series, etc - but, for me, to set the hook on a Saturday night in Drake’s Bay, cook and share a meal, open a beer or wine with the sound of sea lions on the beach in your ears, the smell of breakfast next morning, breaking anchor and returning to SF on the Sunday – what could be better!
SEAdventures are mini-model cruises: you clip on, always harnessed to the boat; you stand watch for a couple of hours, alerting crew and skipper to ATONS, crab pots and whales; you navigate, learn to steer swells (8’ isn’t unusual) and following breaking waves, make decisions to tack, even to reef if winds hit 20 knots (we’ve experienced 37 knots – better be reefed!). You even let your skipper lay upon her bunk to sleep or read a good book, you now in charge upon the bridge!
Many members itch to take ASA 106 ‘Coastal Cruising’. Adventure Sails offer the experiences and learning opportunities of 106, though admittedly pearl by pearl! Hey, you can do an overnighter with SEA to and from Petaluma, motor-sailing 12 miles up a winding river; or mix it up with the container ships in the Oakland estuary on your way to Jack London Square.
Farallon Islands Sail Print Email
Written by Office

Date: May
Time: 8am - 7pm (varies)
Cost: Free Members
Register: Sails Below

Join us for a true adventure to a rounding of the primoridal rocks that mark a classic offshore destination for Bay sailors.

On sail day, crew meet their respective skippers early to prepare the boats, including fastening jacklines to which all hands would be tethered via safety harnesses while out the gate.

Boats traditionally going are: Wind Seeker (Mike Brownell), Summer Solstice (John Paul Watts), Tackful (Frank Lawler), Bodega Sunset (Bob Amiral), Daisy (Bill Gardner).


Half Moon Bay Sail Print Email
Written by Office

half moonbay

When: October
Time: 9am-8pm  2 Days
Cost: Free Members
Register: Sails Below

Join your fellow SEA members for a great overnight trip negotiating the shipping channel, avoiding the south channel then steering clear of the reefs north of Half Moon Bay.

This is a great trip to test your sea legs. Please make sure you sign up for our navigation planner session so you can review charts and safety procedures with our skippers. The trip will take you out past the main shipping channel, usually a left at buoy number two. It is not advised to cut corners but there have been more then a few boats lost in the "South Channel".

Drake's Bay Sail Print Email
Written by Office

drakes_bayWhen: August
Time: 7am - 8pm 2 Days
Category: Adventure Sails

Drake's Bay overnighter trip information


Stinson Beach Sail Print Email
Written by Office

stinDates: April, Sept
9am - 4pm
Cost: Free Members
Register: Sails Below

Spring has sprung. Take a trip to Stinson Beach which is around a headland or two.

Register for our season opening  Adventure Sails series, an off-shore daysail on the Pacific ocean along the beautiful Marin coastline. You may have spent the winter imagining what's beyond the Golden Gate Bridge: now's your chance to find out.

Please join the preparatory Navigation Planner Session or Out The Gate sail when you will get a taste of them thar swells, get some advice on seasickness and take a look at navigating San Francisco entrance.

Navigation Planner Print Email
Written by Office


Date: Ongoing
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: TBD
Cost: $15 Members | $20 Public
Register: Sails Below

Get ready for offshore sailing in SEA's two hour prep session for all Adventure Sails.
It will be reviewed in our Navigation Planner sessions by skippers with their crew as part of the Trip Planning process.

Ugo Conti's Catamaran Print Email
Written by Office

Bay Area engineer Ugo Conti has sailed the world, but has always suffered from seasickness. A queasy stomach became his motivation to design "Proteus" – a spider-like sea craft made for smoother sailing. He designed the Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel to cross the ocean while flexing with the movement of the waves. And it may change the way people take to the high seas. Read more at KQED Quest

Sailing Solo Print Email
Written by Office

Sailing Education Adventures presents the first of our 2011 Workshops/Talks Series 

Sailing Solo - the Bay and Out the Gate at your Glove Tips

Max8Max Crittenden of the Singlehanded Sailing Society will lead a conversation on 'Sailing Solo - the Bay and Out the Gate at your Glove Tips'

He has successfully completed a challenge of a lifetime -- The Singlehanded Transpac to Hawaii  -- we will have a chance to chat with this reluctant hero about the experience...

When: Monday, January 24 at 1900

Where: BVBC in San Francisco
Social 1/2 hr starting at 1830
Address in RSVP

Cost: Free Members, $5 Non-members

You may not feel ready for it yet but sailing solo is a terrific learning experience. Sail a Santana 525 or Catalina 16.5 on your own and you really sharpen your skills. Sail your 22' or 42' solo and you discover so much about yourself! Max Crittenden will talk about the singlehanding experience and what great opportunities lie ahead of you, whether it be a daysail, Three Bridge Fiasco or Farallon Islands - and, yes, Beyond!

Register here please.



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