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Dine and Donate Event - Thursday, April 10! Print E-mail
Written by martin thisner   

Dine and Donate! Help support Sailing Education Adventures!



When: Thursday, April 10 - 11am-9pm
Pasta Pomodoro, 800 Redwood Hwy, Frontage Rd #205, Mill Valley

Join members, board members, camper families and others from the sailing community at Pasta Pomodoro in Mill Valley.  The new youth director will be there too along with other leaders around 6:30pm. Come say hi! 

DSC 0179

The event is valid the entire day, from 11am – 9pm on all dine-in, to-go and catering orders, though many SEA folks will be enjoying dinner together to raise a glass to the oncoming sailing season! 

20 % goes to support our organization ensuring we can offer sailing programs and membership at affordable rates.

Come join us and meet others who love community programs! Affordable classes are now scheduled and events are getting lined up! 





Small Boat Beginnings! Print E-mail
Written by Pat Broderick   

I've been interested in boats and sailing since I was a young kid. I built model boats, read every book I could get my hands on about them, and dreamed on. Life on a farm outside Eugene, Oregon didn't offer sailing opportunities. After moving to the Bay Area in the early 1960s Nancy and I would take our two children to the Marina Green to watch the sailboats on weekends; with a homemade picnic lunch it was free! When I accepted a position in the English Department at Santa Rosa Junior College I discovered that the Santa Rosa Rec Dept. offered "sailing lessons" for $5 a week at Lake Ralphine in Howarth Park. I could afford that!

So, I spent a week of afternoons learning from Carlo Bottini along with a bunch of 8-year old kids. I was hooked, so I signed up for a second week of "Racing Class."  All of this in very old plywood El Toros that leaked badly and were not self-rescuing, as I found out frequently. I also found out that an 80-pound kid trumped a 160-pound adult when it came to light air "racing."  I soon joined the Santa Rosa Sailing Club and began haunting their Tuesday night Lake Ralphine races, looking for a crew position, something very rare in 10 - 15 foot dinghies. Mostly I learned how to sit in the rowboat, help run the races, and help capsized Toro sailers get back in their boats.

Melody - 1972That same summer I bought a 10-foot Melody - sort of a grown up Toro - that actually had bench seats in the hull to sit on. It was also not self-rescuing!  The Melody, named Unchained, was soon replaced by a bright yellow Laser, never named.  And then came a partnership in a Coronado 25 in Sausalito. And so my SF Bay sailing/racing career began. Who would have thunk?

It can all be traced back to a beat up Bull Ship with a baggy sail and wobbly tiller with mismatched pintles and gudgeons. Oh, and a wet butt.



nancy.previewPacific Cup Arrival Photo - Michael Andrews, Pat Broderick, Gordie Nash. It's 3am in Kaneohe. We knew we had won!

Photo above: Pat's daughter sails Unchained!





Ship Shape for the Season! Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

SEA Sailors - Just Remember Who Cleaned Your Bottom! 

When you sail our Catalinas, just remember who cleaned that bottom so you can have sailing fun! 

Helen Work Party

SEA members like 8 year old Helen to 67 year old Jane Piereth rolled up their sleeves late February getting boats ship shape for the season.


Matt Butler of San Rafael Yacht Harbor helped make it happen by donating his yard and helping the team prepare the boats. Thank you, Matt!

More HUGE thanks to Gordon Drake and Chris Zacchrison for towing and more. John Dick, 9 year old  Alex, Mike Milne and Chris Zacchrison (we won't reveal their ages) gave bountiful elbow grease! 

SEA is getting ready for a great season with lots of Member Sails, adult classes, youth classes, Camp Fish, Camp Canal and many events for the community, including the National Safe Boating Week Celebration (May 18), Summer Sailstice, Canal Challenge, Lawler Cup Regatta/China Camp Heritage Day and more! 






US Sailing National Leadership Conference Wrap Print E-mail
Written by Office   

US Sailing National Leadership Conference Wrap USSAILING

Jane Piereth and Barbara McVeigh, along with 600 other sailors from around the country, attended the US Sailing National Leadership Conference in San Diego last week, bringing home lots of great ideas after sharing, brainstorming and networking with industry leaders, sailing programs, yacht clubs and more. Speakers such as Keynote Speaker Billionaire Jim Clark to leaders of small clubs all advocated the values that this sport fosters: teamwork, self reliance and self esteem. Sailors For The Sea and other environmental programs also attended and received great support, as sailors love the sea and care about its health.

DBW 2014

Barbara McVeigh and Jane Piereth with John Arndt of SailSFBay and Summer Sailstice.

Jane Piereth says:  I'm so happy to see how far USSA has taken training. Everyone thinks they are just about racing. Nothing could be further from the truth. They now offer all kinds of sailing organizations, whether commercial, yacht club or community programs, training for their instructors in sailing, power boat handling, cruising, etc. AND, they are now involved in teacher training for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program. I'm so happy that SEA is part of this community!"

Barbara McVeigh says:  "Ken Read's presentation was inspiring. He's one of the world's most well regarded yachtsman, yet he has humble origins. He grew up sailing on the family's small boat! His brother Brad runs the Newport Sailing Center, one that even the governor of Rhode Island supports. They understand the power of community sailing just like we do. I feel honored to be part of this community."

Ken Read (left) along with a leader from an adaptive sailing program. That's Ken racing Jim Clark's yacht at one of the
St. Barths Bucket Regattas.

Read more about the event and what the sailing community is buzzing about! Blue Planet Times and Skuttlebutt Sailing News.






Cathy’s Top Five Ways to Become an Awesome Crew Member Print E-mail
Written by Cathy Stierhoff   

Cathy’s Top Five Ways to Become an Awesome Crew Member…


How to get ME to invite YOU to be on my racing crew!

(Adapted from a panel discussion hosted by Modern Sailing School* in May, 2013)

Cathy Tackful 1Interested in doing some racing on the Bay? Maybe you have a little experience, but can’t seem to find a regular “ride”?  

Just showing up is not enough. If you are serious about joining a racing crew, consider these pointers: 

  1. If you are just starting out, try to connect with a skipper of a smaller boat, such as a Santana 22. In a small boat, you are more likely to have a position of responsibility, not just “rail meat”…which can be fun, but not all that challenging. You’ll have more of a chance to learn boat handling, and your actions will have more of a chance to affect the outcome of the race.
  2. Whatever boat you race on, get to know it as thoroughly as possible. Pay attention to how, and remember how it is rigged (halyards, sheets, whisker pole, spinnaker). Pay attention and participate in rigging and de-rigging the boat.
  3. Attend Kame Richards’ Tides and Currents talk. It’s a fun, fascinating talk for anyone; it’s essential for racing the Bay. Show your skipper that you are knowledgeable about the currents; know what the tides/currents are at the start and throughout the race, or be able to look them up and talk about what the current is doing on your way to the race course, especially at the start.
  4. Learn the start sequence. Help your skipper by marking the countdown with your repeating 5 minute countdown watch. Know the difference between a rolling and a non-rolling starting sequence. Know the numbered pennants….there are only 10 of them! Watch for other starting boats and alert the skipper to traffic all around your boat. Asking lots of questions and trying to learn at the actual start is not the ideal time. Look it up online, talk to your friends or the skipper over a beer, but definitely get a handle on how the starts work.
  5. Be present throughout the race. The skipper may be nervous or just focused on getting the boat ready, getting over to the race course,  making sure the rigging is right….know that she will need to focus, even as you motor your way to the race course. Stay focused throughout the race by calling out right of way traffic and/or keeping an eye out under the jib. Let your skipper know where her competition is, or when they change course. Notice how the currents are setting the boat (maybe LEARN to determine how the boat is being set?) Asking questions is good and shows you are interested, but try not to distract the skipper. It is best to ask detailed questions on the way home or back at the dock. Don’t let the skipper feel alone! If she knows you’ve got her back, you are GOLDEN and will definitely be invited back for more fun!

*Other speakers included Dana Riley, Ashley Perin, Sue Fox





Sports Basement Supports SEA! Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   


Anytime you shop at Sports Basement in San Francisco, you are supporting SEA!

Not only do YOU get a 10% discount when you mention Sailing Education Adventures at the check out counter, but they will contribute those funds to our nonprofit sailing organization. 

Thank you Sports Basement for your ongoing support!





San Francisco Bay Racing with Mentor Pat Broderick Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

010196nancyPat Broderick, a long time SEA Member and supporter, has been an inspirational mentor for many who like to bay and ocean race. In 2010 Pat participated in the Pacific Cup Race to Hawaii and was first in his division - a huge accomplishment. 

Pat continues to race Nancy, his Wileycat 30. This year he offered a few interested SEA sailors opportunity to crew for the GGYC and SYC Mid-Winters through March.

Christian Gunderson took the helm! And, we hear his skills are getting honed. We hope to get an official report soon. Thank you, Pat, for such a great opportunity for our members!

If your interested, contact Jane Piereth. You'll need to learn the commitment to prep as crew, if this is your first time.

IMG 4874This is an exceptional opportunity to learn from one of the Bay Area masters. Racing is great fun, hones your sailing skills and gets you connected to the greater Bay Area maritime community. 





The John Paul Watts Scholarship Fund - Who is JP? Print E-mail
Written by Office   

This summer SEA established the John Paul Watts Scholarship Fund.

John Paul has been an amazing inspiration to many SEA Members over the last 20 years. He sets a high bar of what generosity means and how it can spin magic. John Paul's passion for sailing has not only inspired many to get on the water to sail the SF Bay and beyond, but also how one can live a rich life and enrich other lives by sharing time, spirit and knowledge.

Here is just a sampling of JP's sails you can read about: Half Moon BayFarallones IslandsHot Toddy Solstice, RunsRace for the DawgFull Worm Sail, Pink Full MoonStinson Beach SailsPoint Bonita SailsVernal EquinoxPetaluma SailsMorro BaySturgeon Moon SailWhale WatchingAngel IslandBering StraitsDockside funRichmond Inner HarborNovember Full MoonDecember Full MoonMaintenanceTrans Bay Racing, Baja!, Catherine Monday Sails, And, so many more.

SEA Member and Film Director Carlos Grana of Bazooka Mama Productions worked hard with other SEA Members this past year to create a film allowing us to thank him properly. John Paul, at age 73, has officially retired from sailing, but we're still sharing happy landlubber times with him. 

Siddhartha Jain - "Sad to see John Paul retire. My wife and I learned to sail with him around so we are going to miss sailing with him. I think sailing is the perfect sport for kids to learn as it teaches so many hard and soft skills - teamwork, diligence, safety, patience, communication and above all, respecting nature and her forces. So I am glad to help".

A Film for John Paul Watts

Contributions to the John Paul Watts Scholarship Fund build opportunities for youth of Camp Fish and Camp Canal. We want to get some of these kids sailing in our longer two week programs. John Paul Watts has committed to matching contributions up to $1000 until December 31. That means, if you donate $100, he'll match your $100.  If you can help contribute to that fund, please donate. We want all youth to have the opportunities that so many kids in Marin get to enjoy..
$50 | $100 | $200 | $500

By Mail
Sailing Education Adventures | 3001 Bridgeway Blvd. #199 | Sausalito CA 94965 |  Donation Form | 501c3 ID: 94-3126634

Thank you to the following for their generous donations!  Kenichi Uyeda, Scott Askew, Siddhartha Jain, Mark Young, Sue Frohreich, Dana Swanson, Catherine Boucher, Mary Buckman, Tom Voltz and Russell Huebschle for your contributions!




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