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Dezzie goes to America’s Cup! Print E-mail
Written by Cathy Stierhoff   

SEA members and a group of family and friends enjoyed an excursion on board Descalza on Tuesday, September 10, to watch America’s Cup racing on the City Front.

Jane Piereth, Gordon Drake, Cathy Stierhoff and Frank Lawler represented SEA. We set off from Loch Lomand Harbor in winds around 20 knots that morning. Jane expertly maneuvered Dezzie out of the slip and we settled in at a comfortable 8 knots for a pleasant trip to the City….but with a little trepidation that there would be too much wind for the AC72s.

We arrived on the scene in plenty of time to set up near the upwind marks. And fortunately, the wind was blowing just over 19 knots….no need to worry about too much wind! Yes! Traffic was light out there, it being a weekday, so we enjoyed unobstructed views and easy maneuvering. The view of the AC72s from up on the top deck of Dezzie was amazing…like watching space ships fly by! We tuned into the race commentary on VHF 20.

After the finish of the first race (Race 5 in the series), we headed downwind to hopefully catch the action at the leeward gate for the next race. Unfortunately for us, Oracle Team USA used their one “postponement card” to call off the second race. We were all disappointed to miss that race, but none of us dwelled on that. The trip over and back was delightful, lunches from Andy’s Market were scrumptious, and the whole spectacle was truly a once-in-a-lifetime event!





After School Sailing - Fall Program! Print E-mail
Written by office   


Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael

SEA 4-001

SEA’s award-winning program offers intensive instruction on 14’ sailboats, as well as lessons on boat safety and seamanship. Sailing fosters teamwork, self reliance, diligence, patience and above all, connecting with and respecting nature.


Questions? Call 415.775.8779


Sailing Education Adventures (SEA) is the Bay Area’s premier non-profit community-sailing organization and has been delivering quality sailing education to youth and adults for over thirty years. We stress safety at every level of our programs and are committed to promoting the health and safety of our marine environment. Youth Instructors are US Sailing Certified.



Wednesday After-School Sailing
Program will offer optional field trip on Nov 20 to the

Gulf of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Visitors' Center in San Francisco  for hands-on plankton studies and discovery!

Ages: 10-18
Dates: Wednesdays: Sept 25 - Nov 13   8 Weeks
Times: 2pm - 5pm
Location: Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael
Price: $320

Friday Home School Sailing

Program will offer optional field trip on Nov 22 to the Gulf of the Farallones Marine Sanctuary Visitors' Center in San Francisco  for hands-on plankton studies and discovery!
Ages: 10-16
Dates: Sailing Fridays: Sept 27 - Nov 13   7 Weeks
Times: 10am - 2pm
Location: Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael
Price: $350

Weekend Youth Sailing
Ages: 10-18
Dates: Sundays:  Sept 14, 22 & 29, Oct 6
Times: 10am - 2pm
Location: Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael
Price: $50/day Nonmembers; $30/day Members





2013 Summer Camp Season Wrap - THANK YOU! Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

SEA's 2013 Youth Summer Camp Season winds down and we get to reflect on all the great times we had this summer and say thank you to all who made it happen!

Thank you, families, for joining us this year! We had a lot of wind this year and lots of fun with youth who really took on the challenge. We hope to see you again next year. 

Counselors! You made it happen! Ryan Fugate, Head Counselor of our Summer Camp at Marin Yacht Club, took on a high leadership role ensuring youth campers had a great time while learning leadership, safety and sailing, of course! Thank you counselors and junior counselors for taking great care of our youth sailors and providing them with a rich summer experience..

Much gratitude and appreciation to Marin Yacht Club for hosting us for our 30th season. MYC Member Don Lesley, our MYC Liaison, worked hard with us to make sure all went well for all those involved. Thank you, Don!

We had a number of new programs introduced at Loch Lomond Marina and Harbor Master, Pat Lopez and staff, have been providing great support and we thank them. Our Mini Camps and Advanced Sailing programs kicked off with nearly full enrollment in all the classes. We also introduced a new programs for the youth of Bahia Vista Elementary School which was completely funded by our SEA families and community, including restaurants Whipper Snapper, Saylors, Sana Marin and Suppenkueche, as well as the very well respected and known musican Jose Neto. Thank you to all!

Summerfield High School in Sebastopol returned for their fourth year with us. Students spend one week sailing with us while camping at China Camp making one rich outdoor experience! We are always happy to have them sail with us!

We were grateful to celebrate our 10th year serving the youth of Marin City with Felecia Gaston's group, Phoenix Project, with Camp FISH, a sailing program completely supported by Fish Restaurant in Sausalito. Thank you!

Wayne Mc Intosh returned to lead many of our programs again at Loch Lomond. The kids love Wayne and we are happy to see him again!

Thank you to everyone!









2013 Lawler Cup Regatta Wrap Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

{ For 2014 Lawler Cup information click here }

Sailing Education Adventure's Lawler Cup Regatta on August 17, a race between youth and adults on Picos and Catalina Capris from Loch Lomond Marina, San Rafael to China Camp, had its highlights of action and tension, and offered a splash of humility. The Pico division had six boats: youth defending champion Cameron Gibson (age 16), Nic Duro (age 16), Ryder Easterlin (age 15), Alan Leggett (age 15), and adults Frank Lawler (over 40 years) and Wayne McIntosh (over 40 years).

Winds were up to 16 knots and Picos flew downwind ending with a three way tie between Cameron Gibson, Nic Duro and Ryder Easterlin. Racers landed at McNears Beach, the wrong beach (doh!). Race committee reviewed and decided written race instructions were flawed, since there were no written race instructions - a minor detail to resolve for next year. And, since all racers ended at the same beach, they figured all was fair. Alan Leggett came in a very close second, despite rudder issues, and the adults again were humbled by racing youth a quarter of their age (or maybe more, we won't tell). Wayne McIntosh came in as a very soggy third place winner after an entertaining capsize and recovery. Frank Lawler, (first time on a Pico!) delivered a fourth place win. 

Lawler Cup Regatta. PicosThe Catalina Capri division had its share of excitement and challenged the Race Committee's process. Barbara McVeigh (Youth Director, over 18 years old) and Chris Zachrisson (over 35 years old) sailed in first but were disqualified due to lack of parental consent forms. So, the very deserving first place (and stunning win) went to the Barkus Family with Skipper Makena (11 years old) and sister Alyssa (9 years old). Dad Eric Barkus served as ballast and claimed he doesn't know how to sail.  Barbara and Chris have demanded an investigation. Second Place win went to Dad David Coe with daughter Alex Coe (9 years old) and a third to Devin Salmonsen (16) with Julius Wenckstern (16), exchange student from Germany first time on bay waters!

Race Committee aboard SEA's Trawler Descalza were Rich Hodges (President), Reann Hodges, Adam Hodges, Helena Getz, Julie Lucchesi (with a hand made flag!), John Dick and 8 year old Alex Dick. Safety boat volunteers were Cathy Stierhoff, Maia Miglio (10), Marilyn, Martin and Maya (10) with Kai Miglio (6) instructing all how to best use the outboard engines and make them go faster.

The Lawler Cup is a race to honor longtime SEA Member and highly respected Santana 22 racer Frank Lawler (s/v Tackful) who has shared immense generosity of time and volunteer instruction, along with a bounty of elbow grease to SEA. He exemplifies the spirit of community sailing.

The coveted Lawler Cup is vintage pewter with a long history (though no one knows of it because it came from a second hand shop). Frank Lawler handcrafted embellishments with time honored methods.

SEA's Lawler Cup Regatta (8/17)
Picos - 1) Cameron Gibson, Nic Duro, Ryder Easterlin; 2) Alan Leggett; 3) Wayne McIntosh; 4) Frank Lawler
Catalina Capri - 1) Makena, Alyssa and Erik Barkus; 2) David and Alex Coe; 3) Devin Salmonsen and Julius Wenckstern; 4) Barbara McVeigh and Chris Zachrisson


Lawler Frank Pico





Race to China Camp, August 17 Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

P1050606Cameron will defend his Title for the 2013 Race!
The Lawler Cup Regatta!

It's a race from Loch Lomond Marina to China Camp to join the Heritage Day celebration of Chinese-American heritage, seafaring culture and the natural history of our beautiful park.

The youth will race adults (note, 13 year old Cameron beat the socks off everyone the last time - AND he is joining the race to defend his title!). This year we'll have two race divisions -  SEA's Picos and Catalinas. The Descalza will serve as committee boat.

It's a potluck - everyone brings something!

Landlubbers can access China Camp by car and join us for the afternoon bbq.

If you have boat and plan to anchor overnight, let us know. We're a friendly bunch. Get inspired by our last trip to China Camp!

The plan:
10am - Meet at Loch Lomond Marina, rig boats (Dezzie needs to set out by 9:30)
10:45 - Boats Meet by Islands at Start Line; Race Begins
11:30-1:30 Potluck Lunch - everyone brings something!
5pm - Return to Loch Lomond


How to participate: RESERVE YOUR BOAT NOW! Race is open to SEA Member Adults, Youth Counselors, Advanced Youth or Youth recommended by Counselors. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for booking your boat. Or, let us know if you want to join the Race Committee aboard Descalza!

Picos can accommodate either one adult or up to two youth. Catalina/ Capri can accommodate up to four people.You can also sponsor a Counselor to race!

$20 Pico (one adult or up to 2 youth)
$40 Catalina/Capri (2-4 people)

Frank Lawler is a llfetime member of SEA and amazing SF Bay Santana 22 racer who has not only mentored many members but devoted much time to maintance and more! SEA would not be the same without him!





Camp FISH Wrap Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

McIntosh1Photo by Wayne McIntoshWe had a full class of twelve youth of FISH Campers last week, a scholarship program funded by FISH Restuarant for youth of The Phoenix Project run by Felicia Gaston of Marin City. It was our 10th year serving this community of great kids!

Head Instructor Wayne McIntosh and his crew of counselors Nic, Ryder, Takeshi and Pierce showed these new sailors how to hike out and have fun while learning leadership and safety aboard our Catalinas in the beautiful San Pablo Bay. The sailors even made it past The Islands on one gorgeous day! FISH splashed out with lunches each day for the youth and staff a Royal Sea Captain would envy!

FISH Restaurant has been supporting this program for 10 years. We celebrated this summer at FISH Restaurant  with world reknown racer Dawn Riley and her nonprofit organization America True, as they helped form the initial partnership between FISH, Phoenix Project and Sailing Education Adventures.

thefishA big thank you to FISH Restaurant for providing such a great opportunity for these youth. We also thank Loch Lomond Marina's Harbor Master Pat Lopez and staff for support. Special thanks to Dave Hook who helped pass out the Loch Lomond T-shirts! Thank you to volunteers Cathy Stierhoff, Marilyn Thisner and Jennifer Banks for helping with food delivery and serving. It takes a community to make things happen!

SEA's John Paul Watts Scholarship Fund is designed to build opportunities for these youth. We want to get some of these kids sailing in our longer two week programs. John Watts has committed to matching contributions up to $500. That means, if you donate $100, he'll match your $100! If you can help contribute to that fund, please donate! We want all youth to have the opportunities that so many kids in Marin get to enjoy!






Canal Challenge Wrap and Fundraiser! Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

{ For 2014 Canal Challenge information, click here }

IMG 9230Families and youth sailors took the SEA Canal Challenge aboard Picos, Catalinas and our rowboat last Saturday - a FUNdraiser for SEA. Thank you, Terrapin Crossroads for your generous contribution!

A few keels got briefly stuck in the mud (no skipper names mentioned!). Though injuries were not reported, evidently there were a few bruised egos!

Boats set out from Loch Lomond and Marin Yacht Club mid morning for down wind sailing to Terrapin Crossroads for lunch. But, first sailors were asked to find the "yoga lady" on the docks . . . as a surprise was waiting. Sailors spotted the "yoga lady" in Warrior position on a dock not far from Terrapin and docked boats to discover the best kept secret on The Canal. SEA Member Julie Lucchesi runs Bow Yoga and Dan Fontes, who works with the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, have a fantastic collection of pinball machines and arcade games and support many community efforts. Thank you, Dan and Julie! 

Then, it was onward ho to Terrapin Crossroads where lunch was waiting. Friends and family came to join us for the gathering and hear wonderful music by Stu Allen.

Tacking back in the narrow Canal was no easy feat for most sailors, and we got to see who really knows how to sail!

Thanks for all coming and helping us raise funds for the youth scholaships! You can see more pix on FB! A big thank you to Gordon Drake, Martin Thisner, Katka Letzing and Ramon Nieto for SEA towing services and making it happen for others!

IMAG1304FYI - August 30, 2013  Pacific Pinball Museum hosts "Sailing through Pinballs" celebrating America's Cup. 


 IMG 9241





Camp Canal Wrap Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

DSCN9273SEA launched the first all-community sponsored Camp Canal for a delightful group of youth of Bahia Vista Elementary School - it's a story of local community uniting sailing, culture, great food and fantastic music!

Whipper Snapper Restaurant and Brazilian Guitarist Jose Neto helped kick off fundraising efforts back in April at the Youth Benefit Dinner. More families and organizations contributed to the funds and Sana Marin Restaurant, Saylors Restaurant and Suppenkuche Restaurant fed the children like royal sea captains! We are lucky to have such great restaurants in Marin and San Francisco, and we look forward to a restaurant "crawl" this winter to show our gratitude!

The week had perfect wind and weather. Wayne McIntosh worked his magic with the kids. Takeshi, Brian and Ryder did a great job ensuring safety while teaching the kids  to take the helm, trim sails and hike out. And, Que divertido! - the youth sailors taught the counselors  Spanish and Guatemalan culture!

TIMG 2495he Camp ended with a festive BBQ with help by Anthony, one of the liveaboards. We shared delicious sausages from Suppenkuche that disappeared faster than a copepod can swim. The families also contributed great food (carne asada to die for!) and joined in the celebration.

A big thank you to Harbor Master Pat Lopez and staff at Loch Lomond Marina, with special thanks to Paul Verriere, Assistant Harbor Master, for providing support, firing up the BBQ, taking photos and giving Loch Lomond Marina t-shirts to the very proud youth sailors.

Thank you to Mandee Lopez for her kindness and generosity, and to Bow Yoga for believing in the program. Cathy Stierhoff, thank you for food delivery!

Special recognition to Angie Sanchez of Bahia Vista for taking that extra time to help make things happen for children of her school.

We look forward to raising sails with Bahia Vista youth next year!







AHOY! Junior Skippers Raise Sails Print E-mail
Written by Office   

DSCN9477Four youth sailors got to raise sails with Jefferson Award Winning Captain Richard Gillette of Spirit of the Sea this week aboard Shockwave, SEA's 525 Santana.

The youth had a great opportunity to learn from this favorite captain of the SF Bay who has sailed with thousands of Bay Area youth. Javan, Ryder, Jack and Noah braved conditions with overcast, cold weather with 15 plus knot winds, conditions fair-weathered sailors try to avoid, Captain Richard said! But, still it didn't stop them from learning MOB and docking skills, tacking, jibing, heaving to, radio and engine use, as well as proper protocol on a sailboat, along with so much more.

Javan, one of the youth wrote:

Rich was amazing! He is a great teacher, mentor, and all-around great guy on and off the boat. Sure he needs to may shout so nobody gets hurt, but I feel that he was the best match for our group of sailors. I will never forget this experience. It has been invaluable and I thank Barbara and Rich and the entire SEA Organization for making this possible and available. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Congrats, sailors, and thank you Captain Rich for mentoring our youth!

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