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SEA's Dip in Time - A Tribute to 29 years! Print E-mail
Written by Office   

P7280718cSailling Education Adventures is wrapping up its 29th season of community boating. In tribute to good times and rich memories, check out our Facebook Page for regular postings of old time images of classes, adventure sails, day sails and youth summer camps.

You might recognize some faces - and you might see your own!

Do you have some pictures to share? Please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for SEA's archives.

Who are these folks aboard John Paul's Summer Solstice circa 2002? And, who are those young guys on the Alma?





Full Moon Sail Print E-mail
Written by Johnpaul Watts   

Ahoy ye Sailors
We've done with the Blue Moon, now the next! It's either the Harvest Moon (song!) or the Hunters Moon on September 29 - I'm celebrating it on Friday September 28. Who wants to go?

Meet 1830 Gate D Pier 39 with something for your self to eat.

RSVP by Thursday 1800.
Fair moons and seas
John Paul Watts
Summer Solstice





Half Moon Bay Planner Print E-mail
Written by Johnpaul Watts   
Are we all aboard for Half Moon Bay, October 6 - 7? And for the Navigation Planner on this Thursday, September 27, at 1900 on Dezzie
Make sure, please, you have registered on-line for Nav Planner before the sail.

Great news - Windseeker has confirmed she will go which means the SEA Tartan Fleet will be out there as the Blue Angels and Americas Cup lay claim to the Bay! Windseeker will take and sleep 5 crew; Summer Solstice will take 3 unless there is a couple aboard, then possibly 4. To be sorted out on Thursday along with other details.
I know I'd appreciate a ride from SF as may others. If you can offer, please let us know.
To sign up for the Sail





Corinthian Speaker - Kame Richards 3D Sails Print E-mail
Written by Office   

October 17 19:00, Corinthian YC Ballroom
CYC Speaker Series Signup

Kame Richards is a sailmaker and sail designer at Pineapple Sails which he co-founded in 1973.  Pineapple Sails makes racing and cruising sails from their loft in Alameda, California.  Kame is a popular and entertaining lecturer on all aspects of sailing but his talk at CYC will be a little different.   

If you are curious about modern sail design you should not miss this presentation. Kame Richards will demonstrate how he uses sail design software to determine for example:

  • Will the sail fit the rig? (3-D model of the rig)
  • The optimal curves for the luff, foot and leech
  • How does sail cloth selection affect 3D shape?
  • How are gores, reefs and stripes laid out on the 3D model?

This should be a fascinating and informative evening with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.





A Flare! My Life For a Flare Print E-mail
Written by Office   

MOBPlease check out this story on Yachting World about an unlikely rescue.

"A sharp lookout and quick action by the crew of a British yacht in the Gibraltar Strait saved the life of a motorboater who had leapt off his burning boat..."

What saved his life? He lit a flare, and a watchful crewmember saw the red dot for long enough to check it out.
Keep your head out of the boat - it could save a life.





Family Sailing - Boatloads of Fun Print E-mail
Written by Barbara McVeigh   

DSCN2159"Faster, Mom!"six year old Kai orders mom on the chase boat. A boatload of kids and dads aboard SEA Jane sail right by!

It was another beautiful SEA Family Sail day on Richardson Bay last Saturday. Moms drove the chase boat, deciding to keep watch over the dads and kids sailing the dinghies (surely moms are good at this task). Provisions upon skiff were well stocked except that bottle of champagne, darn it. But, no matter, one could be giddy enough from The Bay beauty and good juju - memories were surely being brewed!

Dad Martin who just finished SEA's ASA 101 Class shared tiller time with Rich Hodges and 13 year old Devon. Nine year olds Maya and Maia enjoyed the ride!





Upcoming Sails with SEA Print E-mail
Written by Office   

Ucoming Sails Schedule

Please join us for the many sailing opportunities with SEA:





Sailing with Peter & Sandor & Rob on Kranich Print E-mail
Written by Kristalli Papadopoulos   

acws2Meeting time was noon at Clipper Yacht Harbor on a cloudy Saturday to see the America’s Cup sailing race on the Bay. Peter had invited SEA member Sandor with his son Nick, as well as his colleague Rob with his family (wife and 5 kids) to share sailing on our Ericson 38 Kranich (“crane” in German). All together we counted 6 adults and 5 kids, including 4 adults with sailing experience for an exciting day on the bay.





Youth Camper to Counselor - A Real Voyage! Print E-mail
Written by Pierce Reisinger, Youth Counselor   

P1080401I started sailing when I was very, very young. My parents owned a boat in Loch Lomond Marina right next to a carpenter who lived on a sailing boat.

She, her husband and her son, had traveled all the way around the world on their sailboat. She was originally from England and settled here in the Bay Area. The woman, Frances, also owned a small sailboat that she would attach to the back of her bigger boat. A few times a year she would offer to take me out on this small boat. Though I was too young to remember the kind of boat it actually was, I still had fun every time I went.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Eventually Frances went off to explore the globe again and I, left to my own devices, remained here in California. My parents did not give up so easily, however.

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