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Saturday, 01 October 2011 00:00

Group ShotSummer Youth Sailing officially ended last month, with more than 300 kids sailing in our programs and more fun had than anyone could measure.

We also fulfilled our mission by providing twelve full scholarships to underserved families and honored  partial scholarships to more than 12 families who needed a bit of help. Two of our campership went to siblings Kylie and Brooke, both from San Rafael . Here is a great summary of their sail camp experience:

Sailing Experience with SEA This Summer

by Kylie Horn

I have been sailing for only a week and I would love to sail more.  I wanted to sail because I wanted to be on The Bay.  I have not sailed that far yet, but I would like to someday.  What brought me to SEA Camp was that I wanted to be in nature. What I enjoy most about sailing is being in the sun a lot and being in the outdoors.

Some activities I enjoy besides sailing are tae kwon do,  singing and soccer. I have a goal to get better at sailing and sail to a lot of places. I also dream of being in the World Cup races someday, and can’t wait till they come to San Francisco. One thing people don’t know about me is that my favorite colors are orange and purple.

My favorite experiences at the Youth Sailing Camp was capsizing close to the Richmond  Bridge. I was afraid of capsizing but when I capsized in the bay I realized that it was very, very fun. I also liked singing with Fiona. I would love to sail to The Golden Gate Bridge. I would love to go and learn more because it is very fun.

Sisters  mom

My Experience at Youth Sailing Camp

by Brooke Horn

My sister and I, along with another camper, capsized near the Richmond Bridge. It gave me experience to be in The Bay trying not to flip when the waves are big. What brought me to the camp was that I really wanted to be on the Bay. I enjoyed "FeFe" teaching us how to sail. She sang with us. I had a great time with her. She really taught me how to sail but we almost capsized 1000 times! I had a very happy and a very scary time.

I saw a crab floating by our boat. Somebody said to pick it up but I didn’t pick it up because I was scared. Because 75% of our World is covered in water and sailing doesn’t use electricity is another reason I wanted to learn to sail. It gave me the chance to be on the Bay and to learn about a cheap way to get around San Francisco.

FeFe had many funny faces when we got stuck in the mud., but she was always really nice to me. We sang Christmas songs while sailing out to the Bay, even in July. I had so much fun sailing with FeFe. I also enjoyed many of the other C.I.T.’s. They were funny. FeFe was having a rope tying contest with another counselor, and I quickly learned how to tie some good knots.

At the beginning of camp, there was a swimming test. At first, I was shaky, I was soo scared. But when I started to swim, I felt just like a fish in a wetsuit. What a relief to know how to swim when you accidently capsize your boat...which happened way too often.

Unfortunately, my steering of the boat was not so perfect. I kept bumping into everybody. But then I learned and I didn’t hit many other sailing boats. I learned alot for a week of lessons. I especially liked sailing around my mom on the last day. I think she was a little bit scared but I didn’t flip her.



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